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The Consumer Action Line is a totally FREE and independent advice centre

helping our clients understand the most current regulations within Timeshare industry

The Consumer Action Line reaffirms our commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality of claims and loss adjustment services.

At the consumer action line we stake our reputation on our ability to design and implement claim service programs specially tailored for each client.

Our expert staff of Adjusters and Appraisers is capable of performing the full spectrum of work required to satisfy our clients’ needs.

We combine the highest quality loss adjustment expertise with superior administrative systems to produce custom-designed third-party claim administration programs to serve each client’s needs.

The Consumer Action Line, are specialists in giving expert advice on the timeshare industry and other financial miss-sold products.

The consumer action lines priority is to offer a wide range of independent advice on timeshare issues. If you feel that you have reached the end of the line, we can HELP by putting you in contact with a timeshare claims specialist.

We act as an independent agent matching you to the right specialist and have a proven track record of helping owners with a variety of timeshare issues.

Owners will understand that despite promises, re-selling a timeshare is nearly impossible.

The courts have now set a precedent regarding the sale of timeshare being miss sold by telling you that you are buying a saleable, appreciating asset.

A timeshare can be, in fact, a liability with rising yearly maintenance fees and contracts, tieing in an owner for life. In some cases contracts in perpetuity run after their owner’s death, passing the liability to future generations.

Some times this is the only thing to work

For years and years timeshare industry has changed the goal posts this is how they have evaded the law under the NEW EU laws this is no longer the case its time to take back what we are owed

Maintenance fees have been rising well over inflation. Some owners can look to see their maintenance fees double, on average every seven years. When looking at average maintenance payments of over a thousand pounds, it is easy to see why timeshare companies don’t like saying goodbye to owners.
There is, however, a silver lining and a growing desire of some timeshare companies to let members walk away for a large balloon payment, as well as a non discloser agreement. There are also side agreements which bars them from any further action, giving away legibility and waving your right to make a claim against agents of the timeshare company.
Favourable rulings and new legislation, especially under the Consumer Credit banner, has led to hefty compensation payments being made to clients.

Purely leaving your timeshare might not be all you have to gain; getting compensation might also be a likelihood, obviously, this depends on what and where you own and also when you actually purchased, certainly, those buying after 1999 have a good claim under specific legislation and those buying in the last six years are also in a strong position – this also includes upgrades and trade-ins, as well as being moved from one product to another, within the same organisation.

We have advised many owners from a large number of resorts from within the UK, Europe and even further afield.

Need intelligent, impartial and independent advice?

The Consumer Action Line is an independent advisory company that helps timeshare owners clearly understand their current options, depending on their individual situations.

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